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vikram pal


orchestrator of diverse biz ecosystems involving society


vikram pal

head – marketing

In his successful stints with consumer driven organizations like Vodafone, Airtel and Dainik Jagran, Vikram has led from front the marketing and channel management functions at Pan-India level. He likes to visualize the true Digital Omnichannel in India which offers the consumers convenience, cost-effectiveness, quality and emotional fulfilment.

His mission in infiniteworx is to forge long-term partnerships with various institutional as well as individual entities towards creating India’s largest community of eCompreneurs at microlocal as well as national level.

A born adventurer and a nurtured marketer, Vikram is determined to drive empowerment of the unorganized sectors in India.

Stay adventurous with honour, passion and honesty – Vikram’s mantra for a fruitful and happy life!