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“omnichannel” – the new buzz word in digital india!

The increase in digital push in India has caused discussions in various pockets that digital may someday replace brick & mortar in India. But, that’s not how true Digital India will look like, and the reason is simple: while the digital mode scores high on expanded choices, value for money and convenience, brick & mortar model scores high on allowing touch & feel experience. Both aspects are equally important for adding the required values to the consumers, and therefore shall co-exist.

The real challenge is finding ways for each mode to complement the other so that consumers find unified experience. In this context, omnichannel approach is emerging as the solution. It’s the new buzz word in Digital India for a reason. Read on to know, why?

The term ‘Omni’ is derived from the word ‘omnis’ which means ‘All’ or ‘Universal’. There are many ways omnichannel is being interpreted, however it can be best explained as ‘true continuity of experience’ across various touch points while creating an engagement with complete ‘customer experience lifecycle management’.

For instance, a mobile app identical with that of the website which is responsive in nature so that the digital experience remains the same is an example of vertical omnichannel approach. Whereas, when a ‘renowned financial institution’ recently launched a mobile app which serves the financial needs of its consumers while it can also address daily life’s various other transactional needs as well, that’s an example of horizontal omnichannel approach.

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