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infiniteworx is featured in The Startup Journal

“A couple of decades ago our daily commodity needs and groceries were fulfilled by the local mom-n-pop retailers, who we know as “bhaiyas, chachas or chotus”. But in the past decade, half of this scenario changed drastically and the local retailers are confined to fulfilling our sundry and emergency needs only. In the good old days everything from a pin to even luxury commodities were sold to us by local retailers, and now these same old retailers are looked upon only as gap fillers. The advent of shopping malls, super markets and online shopping has dented the business of our very own local shopkeepers and the consumers have drifted away from them. This drift wasn’t there because of bad service or feuds; it was just because of the changing shopping trends of the customers like us. The introduction of discount schemes, offers and the convenience of online shopping portals have made local retailers less attractive. Basically, online shopping has proven to be a game-changer who also changed the rules of this game!”

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