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Breaking the language barrier – real talents not a foreign language expert

Imagine this – you are on trip to a foreign country, you are hungry, you go out to find a restaurant to grab a bite. To your horror you notice that the directions, road signs, as well as the restaurant boards display the menu in their local language. You put aside your fears and try talking to person at the counter, and discover they don’t know a word of the universal language – English; you thought could help a smooth sailing for you.

Now imagine this – the country you belong to has labels, restaurant menu, road signs, government documents etc. all in a language you don’t understand. Wouldn’t you be angry? But this is the India that hundreds of millions of Indians live in simply because the elite prefer English.

Majority of the Indians are being oppressed by the mere lack of knowledge of a language, isn’t it incomprehensible?

The worst hit are people who come from rural areas in search for a livelihood to cities. The interesting part is that they possess the qualification, skills and desire to succeed, what they do not have is the knowledge of a foreign language. Why, half a century after Indian independence, does English remain the language of higher education, national media, the upper judiciary and bureaucracy and corporate business?

Isn’t it high time Indian companies start shuffling their hiring criteria and start recruiting eligible and deserving talents rather than hire people based on their efficiency in a foreign language?

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