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infiniteworx, for the unorganized sectors

We aim towards uplifting the unorganized sectors by giving them disruptive & advanced technological solutions so that they can compete with the entities from the organized space. Empowerment is all about where an individual or an entity takes control of their day to day life and emerge as more competent & independent. Our solutions empower & enable them to take a control of their business and get organised. To address various challenges and perennial issues infiniteworx’s unique & innovative business solutions provide a complete business transformation

our vision

“We envision a true digital ecosystem at the grass-root level to improve the socioeconomic status of the unorganised sectors. The goal is to touch the lives of millions by providing disruptive technological solutions that will enhance their business efficiency in multi-folds and increase their productivity in a much more organised manner”

our mission

“To solve the persistent problems of the society by providing innovative technology-driven features that are never been tried before. Our core objective is to uplift and empower the unorganized sectors of society through our digital medium. We are in the making of a true Digital India while generating employment, encouraging entrepreneurs and get recognized by investors, partners, employees and society”



With a rise of every problem around us, there is an opportunity for Innovation.  “Lateral Thinking” is what, practised day-in and day-out and problems are solved using indirect and creative approach. Infiniteworx think-tank work upon ideas which are not achieved using conventional step-by-step methodologies. In our innovation hub, the solutions are broken down in two dimensions under Technology & Market. Disruptive & Radical Innovations are preferred over Incremental & Architectural Innovations which addresses to the newer market & technological progressions. Our line of business for various segments foray around areas of  online shopping, ecommerce, food, health, fitness, skills, employment, music, entertainment etc. as we move ahead.


myretailworx® is India’s first microlocal® eCommerce platform which aims is to empower our country's local retailers with innovative business solutions


a revolutionary heath diet eco-system orchestration solution, made in India, for a healthy India!

coming soon...

a revolutionary talent recruitment orchestration solution, made in India, for a smarter India!!

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We are passionate about innovation!



anil pagar

Founder and CMD

“We haven’t chosen the easy, beaten path…but, that’s when innovations happen, isn’t it?”


nilesh jain

Head Tech Ops and Delivery

“Orchestrating revolutionary tech innovations that will uplift millions of lives is a sacred experience!”


vikram pal

Head – Marketing

“Creating India’s largest community of eCompreneurs is challenging for sure, but amazingly gratifying!”


satyam rajput

Head – Biz Relations

“Very soon Indian consumers will experience engagements with their favourite brands like never before!”


rajnish pandya

Head – Operations and HR

“In this company we don’t have human resource management. We have humanity management!”


abhijit mane

Lead - Finance and Taxation

“We are working towards establishing financial governance based on transparency and innovation!”

 Roots of Excellence

Board Member


anil pagar

Founder and CMD


dharmesh jivani

Realtor, Entrepreneur in Retail Industry


manisha pawar

Educationist, Entrepreneur, Social Engineer


vaishakhi jivani

Home Maker, Social Activist

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